PHALANX Joins Hands with CyberXchange – The World’s First Intelligent Cyber Marketplace

Renowned IT services and security company, PHALANX Solutions, announced its partnership with Apptega, along with their participation in the company’s CyberXchange marketplace. Apptega is one of the only B2B e-commerce companies around the world that focuses on cybersecurity and compliance. This means that CIOs, CISOs, and IT professionals will be able to find and purchase PHALANX Solutions services, including Virtual CISOs, Security Assessments, Penetration Testing, and Remediation, to come up with an unprecedentedly robust, efficient, and visible cybersecurity program.

Developed using Harmony – CyberXchange’s AI platform and mapping engine – PHALANX Solutions services are now available at:

Effective implementation of cybersecurity has become highly challenging for all sizes and types of companies, due to the increase in threats, customer audits, regulatory standards, and tele-working. Finding suitable solution vendors and security consultants to fulfill requirements can be complicated and time-consuming.

However, CyberXchange  – with the mapping of every Apptega-activated framework – is the solution to these problems. As soon as a compliance deficiency or gap is detected, users can instantly link CyberXchange solutions that are mapped to their specific requirements. Since the research has already been performed, there will be no need for guesswork.

PHALANX Solutions offers a full range of cybersecurity services that include governance, strategy, incident response, and risk management. The company is relied upon by organizations of all sizes, ranging from mid-market leaders right up to global enterprises. PHALANX enables these companies to control and manage their system risks, business relationships, and data. The company, in turn, relies upon its team of professionals that works with clients from the board room to the data center.

“It is an immense pleasure to partner with CyberXchange and enable IT professionals to assess and purchase PHALANX Solutions in more unique and innovative ways,” says CEO of PHALANX Solutions. “Our clients and potential clients include companies of all types and sizes, and partnering with Apptega allows us to reach out to buyers looking for solutions that have been mapped according to industry frameworks.”

“We are immensely glad to welcome Phalanx Security Solutions on board and allow our clients with the opportunity to easily assess and buy premium PHALANX Solutions services,” said the CEO of CyberXchange, Armistead Whitney. “CyberXchange’s one-of-a-kind AI platform and mapping engine allows buyers to find cybersecurity products – ranging from large brands to emerging service providers – according to their budgets and requirements. PHALANX partnering with CyberXchange means that customers can now look for and experience their products in a new and enjoyable manner.”

About PHALANX Solutions:

PHALANX’s greatest passion is its clients’ success, and this passion is shared by every employee, analyst, and consultant working at the company.

PHALANX’s professionals are armed with real-world experience that is relevant and beneficial for its clients. The team has successfully driven many company-making projects and programs, while the company has experienced tremendous growth.

About CyberXchange:

CyberXchange, propelled by Apptega, is the world’s very first cybersecurity-dedicated e-commerce marketplace. CyberXchange is responsible for linking numerous organizations with products and vendors mapped according to their preferred cybersecurity framework.  Since its inception in 2020, CyberXchange has been providing a wide range of solutions that range from emerging providers to category leaders. For more information, visit:

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