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PHALANX Solutions is committed to providing its partners with the only line of defense they will need against cybersecurity threats.


Mitigation Strategies, Assessments, Audits, Corrective Actions, Policy and Procedure Review and Development


We provide comprehensive and on-going cybersecurity training services.

Virtual Security Team

Boost your workforce with our excellent staff augmentation services.

35+ Years

Defending Our Nation

About us

Ensuring Your Freedom and Safety in the Modern Era

Our company’s name is derived from an ancient Greek defensive formation that combined a diverse array of weapons and armor to create an impenetrable shield wall. This is our vision; a coming together of various aspects of security, compliance, and technology to strengthen our clients’ systems and provide them with the tools they need to stave off threats in the modern era.

73 %

Businesses are not ready to respond to a cyber Attack

$ 386 M

Cost of average data breaches worldwide

62 %

Businesses experienced phishing and social engineering attacks

$ 133 K

Average cost of Ransomware attack on businesses

Why PHALANX Solutions

Trusted Cybersecurity Solutions Paired With Unyielding Commitment

We are on a mission to provide our clients with a versatile and comprehensive cybersecurity line of defense to protect their data, their freedom, and their values. We pair our multi-layered cybersecurity defensive system with our steadfast commitment, unyielding work ethic, and skilled expertise.

35+ Years

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