Regardless the size of your business, most organizations face challenges when it comes to maintenance visibility, compliance, and advanced security of their systems. Phalanx Solutions offers full-scale IT services to your business.

Our major services include:

Help Desk Support

With Phalanx Solutions, you can give your employees a space where they can reach out in case of technical issues, from the simple to the complex ones. Our specialized IT teams can solve any IT-related issues with a state-of-the-art ticketing system, building a better relationship between your employees and the IT support team while facilitating smooth operations.

System Monitoring

Although compliance bodies like NIST and ITIL can offer guidelines to system monitoring, the implementation of the task can be very daunting. At Phalanx Solutions, we can help you monitor your IT environment including servers, databases, applications, cloud services, and workstations. We can look out for errors, access requests, permission changes, system updates, system metrics like memory, CPU, and disk utilization, data migrations, and application deployments.

System Maintenance

Phalanx Solutions can help businesses with their system maintenance. IT system maintenance involves many activities including archiving old files, deleting duplicate files, making system updates and patches, system backups, antivirus implementation, checks of downloaded software packages, hardware equipment check, disk clean up tasks and other activities that are essential for a high-performing IT environment.

Deskside Support

If an IT issue requires an onsite visit, Phalanx Solutions is ready to provide you with complete hands-on support. Our deskside support services deliver crisis-averting hands-on assistance to users, facilities managers and the IT department. In addition to providing high value to users at the most critical times, it also gives companies peace of mind by supporting them in performing their tasks without hindrance.

Remote Support

Phalanx Solutions offers remote support services, which allows our IT support technicians to connect with workstations at your organization through the internet. Using remote support, we can access a specific computer or server, manage files inside the hardware, update server software, run diagnostics and maintenance programs, and even train end-users on protocols and how to use new software. Remote support allows flexibility when you need 24/7 IT support at a decreased cost.

Technology Planning & Implementation

Technology planning supports strategic IT planning, which includes more than just computers, adapting to new and emerging technologies, and training staff. Phalanx Solutions aim to ensure you have efficient and secure IT operations so that you drive the most value from your technological investments. We ensure that any weak links in your systems are identified so that we can develop a customized IT solution for it. Some technology implementation services include data back and replication, firewalls, wireless networks, virtualization, email servers and application support, and server, endpoints, routers and storage area network support.

Managed IT Services

Phalanx Solutions can provide you with Managed IT service solutions intended to guarantee high efficiency and improvement of your IT environment and processes without excessive spending. Our IT team has experience in ITSM, can provide all-round support for on-premise, cloud, or hybrid infrastructure and include migration and consulting services for preemptive IT evolution.

On Demand IT

We at Phalanx Solutions also provide on-demand IT services for peak times when businesses need to reduce the load on their in-house IT team or for any other reasons. We provide fixed-price IT solutions which include comprehensive A to Z support and services, including technology administration, making sure your IT runs smoothly. An on-demand IT service is a wonderful investment for scalable IT solutions that can help you reach your goals.

Network Setup

An IT network is what provides your business access to the internet and other services like VoIP so that your teams and customers can communicate and share information with each other. Since an IT network solution is never a one-size-fits-all, we will analyze the needs of your business first before we build the network and get it up and running. Even though we offer network setup as a standalone service, you will get more value from it if it is part of a managed IT package.

Network Security

Phalanx Solutions understands that cybersecurity is a major concern for all IT businesses. That is why we offer cybersecurity solutions like firewalls, antivirus and anti-malware software, email security, access control, application security, cloud security, data loss prevention, mobile device security, web security, wireless security, network segmentation, behavioral analytics, intrusion prevention systems, and VPN so that threats are unable to enter your system.

Cloud Computing

At Phalanx Solutions, we offer cloud computing services that are delivered over the internet. Rather than businesses leasing data center space or purchasing computing infrastructure, they can partner with us and rent access to applications, storage, and more through our cloud computing partners. Additionally, cloud computing can offer you a range of other options from networking and processing power to standard office applications and artificial intelligence.

VoIP Service

Voice over Internet Protocol refers to the technology that allows users to make voice calls over the internet in real-time. VoIP services offer more flexibility and mobility that are not present in traditional telephony services. Phalanx Solutions can create and set up a secure and reliable VoIP service for your business so you can conduct online meetings, use team messaging, and take advantage of advanced call management features that can make your business communicate better.

At Phalanx Solutions, we want to help your business grow. We are firm believers that if we solve the IT issues of a company, it can become more profitable and successful in the long run — and we will grow along with them. To ensure that, we have honed our experiences, skills and best practices to make sure we provide what your company needs.